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We are a startup marketing agency that helps innovative ideas win the market and grow to the level of Unicorn.
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Glorium Marketing was established in October 2022. It was transformed from the growth marketing division of Glorium Technologies company.

In 2021 Glorium Technologies embarked on a mission to build a special in-house growth marketing team. The department’s goal was simple yet ambitious – to bring visibility, set up lead generation, and activate growth fast for Glorium’s existing clients – technological startups.

Within one year, this dedicated group exceeded expectations with admirable results. It became clear that success is achievable when inspiration and tenacity meet opportunity!

Today Glorium evolutionizes how startups promote their products and services on the US market. With our cutting-edge strategies, companies level up from ideation to implementation, unlocking new opportunities for growth.
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Our Approach

At Glorium Marketing, we understand the entrepreneurs and innovators and provide bespoke solutions that fit their individual needs
Our team combines expertise in growth marketing, PR, technology, and analytics to enable businesses to make the most out of their ideas
We focus on driving results from holistic digital marketing strategies that involve all available online channels

Our locations

Our headquarters is located in New Jersey, and development centers are in Kyiv, Kraków, and Paphos. No matter where our team members are located, they work their hardest to bring success your way. We are global.
New Jersey, USA
100 Overlook Center, 2nd floor, Princeton, NJ 08540 USA
Kraków, Poland
Wilhelma Feldmana street, No. 4, office 4, 31-130, Krakow, Poland
Paphos, Cyprus
Athinas street 57, postcode 8010 Paphos, office 201, Cyprus
Kyiv, Ukraine
Saksahanskoho street, 121, office 168, Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine

Our comprehensive approach helps startups get better brand awareness, reach customers faster, and establish a thriving user base. Additionally, we offer ongoing support even after your product is launched and help you maximize the ROI of marketing campaigns.

We are committed to being an important part of your success story!

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