Reaching the club of top-5 DME software providers in the US market in 6 months

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Growth Hacking for Medical Billing Software Case Study


Platform for HME/ DME Providers
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Medical Billing Software
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United States, NY
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Key Achievements

  • 45 solid opportunities during the first six months of work;
  • $3.9M of LTV added into the sales pipeline;
  • 10-15 inbound leads generated weekly;
  • 3.5X website traffic increasing (+256%);
  • Top-3 in Google for all of the most relevant queries in 5 months.
Growth Marketing Agency for Startups | Case Study
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The client’s business is a startup. It is a relatively new business process automation solution for medical equipment providers. Being a modern, intuitive cloud SaaS that significantly increases the productivity of any size HME and DME business, it deserves its place among the current niche of medical billing software market leaders.

They have reached our team, as they suffered from poor brand awareness and, thus, lack of leads. A well-organized sales department was ready to process more leads than they generated by directly contacting the prospects. So, their team highly needed inbound marketing.

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The client had no marketing team, and the CEO and sales director provided all the activities. Ultimately, they had only a small website with basic information; it was poorly structured and difficult to perceive. LinkedIn was the only channel for reaching prospects.
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Lead generation wasn’t the project’s prime goal, and we had time to set up everything correctly. So, we started with the marketing strategy development with all the attendant activities, such as market research (including conducting online interviews with their customers) and defining the product’s place in it, which allowed us to fit it the best according to the target audiences’ requirements and expectations.

After having a complete picture of the project, we created a website concept that combined marketing, sales, and SEO to shorten the time a visitor takes to investigate the landing pages and decide before requesting the product’s demo.

After the design and development stage, a simple but innovatively attractive (startup-kind) website was published in place of the old one. The new version looks completely different compared to what the competitors have. Not only does it have a fresh and exciting design, but it also includes more precise information about the functionality and apparent advantages.


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There was no data to analyze, so we activated all the online channels at once to check which one might be the most efficient. We went through several tests.

Our team has implemented professional SEO optimization right on the website creation stage. So, immediately after indexing, we got TOP-30 in Google for almost all the keywords we targeted.

We launched PPC campaigns in Google immediately after the website came live to understand how successful the website was designed in terms of UX/UI. The proof that we were right came in after four hours – we got the first lead, which was qualified as hot, and it has converted into a sale in a few weeks.

Within content marketing, three main directions were defined: blog articles, news, and PR. We have created a content plan for the blog based on the topic research: What is the most popular and trending among our TAs? New articles were published at least once a week, the news went live as corporate updates appeared, and PR was implemented through collaboration with popular niche media and bloggers.


Since we had started from the ground up, the preparation took approximately more than a month.

We received the first qualified lead four hours after the PPC campaign started.

Every day, the client’s brand appears for more than 10,000 people that might be potential customers. So, now, when reaching out to prospects, their sales team doesn’t have to explain what product they are representing.

UPD: Over the past year, our client’s solution has established itself as the market’s fastest-growing startup

  • Inbound leads increased by 56.6%
  • Total website traffic saw a growth of 78.5%
  • Organic traffic surged by 120%
  • Average session time expanded by 30%
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