B2B growth explosion for an influence marketing platform

Marketing Growth for B2B | Case Study | Glorium Marketing
Marketing Growth for B2B | Case Study | Glorium Marketing


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Our client operates as a parenting platform and a community of mom influencers that assist customers in discovering the finest family deals within the US market. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to target their audience and market their kid-centric products and services. The primary goal is facilitating the connection between families and businesses, thus generating success for all parties involved.

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Much like any other startup, our client is striving for rapid growth. The success of this type of venture heavily relies on the number of users and companies that join the platform. To achieve this, the owners have adopted a sales-driven strategy, supported by their superficial marketing insights, without seeking the input of marketing specialists. This approach involves extensive outbound efforts and incentivizes users to invite new participants and companies to the community. However, the lead-generation process has been challenging, time-consuming, and difficult to manage, resulting in irrelevant or unqualified B2B leads.
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In order to accelerate the platform growth, the activities were separated into two main directions: inbound marketing and email campaigns. During the preparation phase, we defined the existing market and possible demand for the platform’s capabilities. Next step – commercially attractive landing page creation: the concept – design – development.

Following the publication of the landing pages, our team initiated paid campaigns using Google Search and Google Display ads, along with email marketing. We conducted numerous tests using various combinations of headlines, descriptions, visuals, and targeting settings to determine the most effective approach while removing those that were either too costly or irrelevant.

Our email campaigns were executed using two types of contacts provided by the client: opt-in contacts who were already aware of the brand, and completely “cold” contacts who had no prior knowledge about the platform.


Throughout the 3-month project, the Glorium Growth Team generated approximately 1000 high-quality leads within a freemium model. Most registered businesses on the platform expressed interest in paid services, resulting in a monthly revenue increase of approximately 20-25% for the client.

of average leads increasing weekly.
of website session duration increasing monthly.
of website traffic increasing monthly.
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Email Marketing

We processed more than 10K cold contacts, ensuring their validity and accuracy. The list was properly segmented for better targeting and messaging. We also took all the necessary steps to prevent our accounts from filtering. The results were as follows:

  • Average open rate – 41.8%
  • Average click rate – 2.5%
  • Average conversion rate – 5.5%

Over half of all leads came from (bulk)Email Marketing channel.

Next Steps

Given our satisfaction with the results, we plan to expand our current activities and incorporate new ones:

  • Client’s website improvement and technical restructuring;
  • Extensive content marketing (educational purpose);
  • Social media activities – mainly to help the content distribution;
  • We keep optimizing all the campaigns to increase the traffic quality and cheapen the leads.
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